Wooden cars of the future

Wooden cars of the future

Steel, aluminum, plastic and even carbon are the usual materials used in cars. However, Japanese scientists from Kyoto University are working on a “material of the future“, which, if not create a revolution in the automobile industry, then, at least, will become a very unexpected novelty.
Scientists believe that many thousands of years of experience in building wood from something, yes, must teach a humanity. With proper processing cellulose can become stronger than steel, and weigh at the same time 80% less. And then everything will turn wooden, but first of all – the main components of vehicles.
Machines of the future, of all types, will be easier and easier their predecessors. This dictates the policy of reducing emissions into the atmosphere – the US Department of Energy estimated that reducing the car’s weight by 10% yields fuel savings of 8% or more. For electric vehicles, this indicator is generally placed at the forefront. In addition, in their design there is no internal combustion engine, with heat and fire, which is dangerous for wood.Future technology Wooden cars of the future

Now Japanese scientists are experimenting with cellulose nanofibers, which are already used in a number of industries. And if you add to them in the correct proportions and order polymers, you get a metamaterial that can compete with carbon fiber. While it is called a bioplastics and is received only experimentally – the auto industry is difficult to accept the idea,that not only a decorative body kit, but also functional elements of machines can be made not from metal.
According to the calculations of the Japanese, in the future the bioplastics can withstand temperatures above 300 ° C and maintain the given strength for tens of years. And this is a colossal minus, as this metamaterial is not subject to processing in principle, technology not that. It is unlikely that the people of the future will want to drive their entire life on the same model of an electric vehicle – taking into account the demands of the consumer society, the utilization of bioplastics and the clogging of the planet with the new type of waste will become a real headache. But the cars will be light and cheap.Future technology Wooden cars of the future   Future technology Wooden cars of the future
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