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Why You Should Start a Blog in Your Field of Study Today

Why You Should Start a Blog in Your Field of Study Today

There is a lot of value in learning. Taking what you learn in university and going a step further with it and starting your own blog, however, can be vital in securing a job in your future. Not only can you demonstrate that your knowledge in your field of study, you can also demonstrate your passion. Start a successful blog, on the other hand, and you can become a commodity in your own right; you can become a thought leader.

To begin, of course, you have to start your own website:

  1. Defining Your Purpose and Your Audience

Some fields of study are easier to write about than others, but everyone can start a blog if they are up to the challenge. Choosing your purpose is as simple as finding what you are most passionate about in your field. It could be a branch, for instance, women in the STEM industries, or it could be directly related if you study environmental policy and blog about policy limitations, theories, and news.

  1. Setting Up Your Website

A beautiful website will always get more traffic, no matter how valuable the content on your site is. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a programmer to create your blog, you can instead use a theme that does the work for you. You can either start with a free subscription or you can go and opt for a paid subscription from a hosting company, and then choose a premium theme that will not only offer you greater customisation, but a custom domain name and more cloud storage.

  1. Building an Audience

There are many ways you can build an audience. You can advertise your blog through social media, you can contact your department and ask if they will circulate your blog among the department, and so on. If you really want to extend your reach, collaborate. Interview others in your school and in your industry, if they have a blog or social media have them then advertise you. Getting out there is all about networking, becoming successful, however, is about knowing the algorithms.

  1. SEO and Marketing

For those blogging about a specific niche, SEO is your best friend. That’s because you have a greater chance of showing up at the top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) if you do it right. This means improving your on-site SEO to help Google understand what your website is about to start. If you truly want to become a success, however, create a white-hat link-building scheme with clickintelligence.co.uk. Back-links are one of the most prominent indicators that Google uses to rank a website, and doing it right could land you at the top of Google’s search results.

Taking this initiative will allow you to not only come into your own, but it will also allow you to grow your audience, become a thought-leader, network, and increase your employability. If you become a great enough success, you could make your blog into a full-time career in its own right.

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