What is New in Smart Clothes

What is New in Smart Clothes

Keep the water off your face with The Tumble Up start. Watch as world champion barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge demonstrates how to get up and get into the front position. If you are athletically inclined you should be both moved and intrigued by what this barefoot water skier can accomplish with very little equipment. If you are fully ready to have some summertime fun in the sun or on the water than you need to check out what is new in smart clothing. In today’s age of technology, where technology and computer chips are everything you can now harness the power of the network and let the technology work for you. Just as barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge uses the padding on his suit to roll to his back you can use smart yoga pants with built in vibrations to help you get into those difficult poses. How about an athletic shirt that tracks your heart rate or smart running shorts that monitors and sensors your pelvic rotation, ground contact, stride length and cadence? Let’s be serious here. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could answer your phone or adjust your music from your jacket sleeve? Looking for something grander? How about sweat pants with air conditioning? This is not far off future technology we are talking about here. This is twenty-first century technology that is in effect and being developed now. From bras that measure your heart rate while you work-out to swimwear with sensors that monitor the amount of sun you are getting smart technology is not science fiction but science fact. From smart baby socks to athletic sleeves the future is now in the world of smart clothes.

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