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Very nice concept Firefox Phone

Very nice concept Firefox Phone

Firefox OS mobile platform has entered the market with the support of a number of Chinese manufacturers, LG has also was noted in the game. But the really serious smartphones running the OS has not yet been. Concept the really attractive red cell phone received a very simple name Firefox Phone.
The author of the concept Firefox Phone became designer named Jonas Daehnert. His talented work has repeatedly flashed on network. Under the small display located only HOME button for call the home screen. It looks somewhat unconventionally, perhaps this is not just a button, but also an integrated optical element, the trackpad or a fingerprint scanner.Future technology Very nice concept Firefox Phone

Housing Firefox Phone looks very attractive, beautiful interface and the operating system itself, everything is simple and clear. Unlike other mobile phones in this class, this model boasts a slim body. And in the lower left corner is a rather large hole in a sturdy aluminum block, a very comfortable item, a mobile phone can be worn on the arm – loop, stylish accessory certainly supplied. I would like to believe that any of the mobile brands can translate this concept into reality. Firefox Phone, this toy would have success.
Designer Jonas Daehnert Future technology Very nice concept Firefox Phone Future technology Very nice concept Firefox Phone

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