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Unique portable washing machines

Unique portable washing machines

Canadian start-up company has invented a miniature portable machine for laundry. For operation a device requires no electricity, since it is driven by muscular force the user through a foot pedal. New eco-friendly washing gadget the size of a conventional bucket, fits easily in the trunk of the car and makes it possible to wash things in the road, at a picnic in the country – even everywhere. Process washing lasts only 5 minutes, and the maximum weight per load is 1 kg . Drumi – definitely a must have for every summer resident, and in any, even the small apartment she obviously would not be superfluous. After the height of the unit is only 55 centimeters. With a weight of 7 kilos, the machine consumes 10 liters of water, which is enough for one wash. It is almost silent, and for its operation does not require a direct connection to the water supply. You can lowered the water, only open a small hole in the bottom.Future technology Unique portable washing machines

Housing Drumi created from high quality plastic, and certainly can remind the robot from the cartoon “WALL-E.” The drum is a small ball with holes for water gyre. Above is the cover, which is opened, you can load the drum. The total wash cycle takes about 5 minutes: the first stage is carried out within a couple of minutes, then need to spend exactly as much on things to rinse with clean water, and a minute on pressed  and a drain the water through a hatch in the bottom of the machine. The manufacturer of this compact device YIREGO noted,that exploitation Drumi, like normal machine, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water consumption by 5 times compared to conventional machines. In the sale of a miracle washing machine will go in the summer of 2015. Future technology Unique portable washing machinesFuture technology Unique portable washing machines Future technology Unique portable washing machines

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