Ultrabook future

Ultrabook future

Intel has unveiled a prototype ultrabook future. The device has a detachable touch Full HD display, which can be used as a tablet running Windows 8.
Ultrabook on the basis processor of the next generation Haswell has a 13 inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The thickness of the unit when folded only 17 mm. To detach the display from the body you have to press a special button, wait for the green light in the center of the body, and only then to separate the tablet from the Dock. While viewing the video "transformer" can work more than 10 hours. Future technology Ultrabook future

On the release date of the device can only guess, but presumably ultrabook may appear after the official launch of the Haswell processors.Future technology Ultrabook futureFuture technology Ultrabook future Future technology Ultrabook future  Future technology Ultrabook future   Future technology Ultrabook future

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