TV panels of future

TV panels of future

One of the leading trends today was the use of artificial intelligence in TV panels. Each producer has his own view on the role of this technology in the field of television, and therefore the prospect of a relationship with the “box” is quite curious.
So, you can switch channels by voice, change volume and find your favorite transmission, which completely replaces the remote control, which is always lost and the program schedule that you forgot to buy for a week.
Also, you can learn more about the transmission, the series: the number of seasons, ratings and so on. In other words, a kind of “Wikipedia” will be implemented, supplemented by various usefulness. For example, a voice assistant is able to find information about the actor in the frame: date of birth, creative and personal biography, and so on. Do not have to switch the channel to get an account in a particular match, specific data relating to the player, statistics on the teams and others. The user is able to refine the quality of the original picture. This is especially useful in 8K Samsung TVs. The TV can easily replace Amazon Alexa: will buy everything you need in the store,search for YouTube videos on the mood, “steer” smart house.
Business Insider specialists note that if the majority of TV models go into mass production, within the next year – two, variants with artificial intelligence become familiar for a wide range of users. You already even do not need to invent voice assistants.Future technology TV panels of future

 Future technology TV panels of future Future technology TV panels of future

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