Touch screen

Improve your communication and advertising strategy with beMerlin. This revolutionary visual communication system transforms traditional media into an eye-catching interactive experience.
Go beyond mouse, keyboard or touch-screens inputs with simple and intuitive hand gestures, without touching

Differentiate yourself with an alternative communication media. Let customers become the actors! Let them play with your ads, browse your products, interact with them and discover their features by giving them the possibility to see them from any angle with a 3D rotation.


touch screen lcd display

touch screen lcd display touch screen lcd display touch screen lcd display

How does it work?

beMerlin’s standard configuration is composed of a video-based movements tracking system, a computer, a beamer and a transparent screen.

The cameras of the tracking system detect the hand movements at a distance and send their location to the computer. The data is instantly processed and the beamer receives the information to be projected on the screen.

beMerlin’s technology is invisible and is easy to install, move or transport. No expensive transformations of the place of installation are needed.

touch screen lcd display

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