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Top 4 Innovative Headphones in 2018

Top 4 Innovative Headphones in 2018

Top 4 Innovative Headphones in 2018

The technology of headphones has changed a lot over the years. Every company is putting stress over innovation, quality, design and buildup. With the trend to buy online headphones, innovation in headphones has become key to attract the customers. But what are the most innovative headphones in 2018 that you can buy? Well, we have prepared a list to help you in that prospect.

1. Monster Air Links:

A pair of jewellery themed wireless headphones, these headphones from Monster is sweat as well as water resistant. Being completely wireless, each earbud comes with charging cases which make them more efficient than the wireless headphones connected by cords. Furthermore, you will also be able to use the headphones to receive calls. The right earbud comes with an innovative primary driver technology which helps you to receive the calls directly from the earbud. Quite an innovation, isn’t it?

2. Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro Wireless Headphones:

One of the most well-known headphone makers out there, Sol Republic has always been revered for producing best quality headphones. The soundtrack pro wireless headphones are completely wireless and they provide an excellent noise cancelling feature. Plus, the headphone offers almost 24 hours of battery time. Hence, you will not have to worry about charging your headphone every once in a while.

3. Kuaifit Sport Headphones:

Though these Kuaifit Sport headphones may look very ordinary like any other headphone that wraps around the neck, it is better not to judge this headphone on the basis of its looks. Being a highly popular manufacturer of headphones, Kuaifit has always offered a premium quality sound and durability for their headphones. And this one is no exception. Perfect for using during gym, biking or running, the Kuaifit headphone helps you in a plethora of ways. The headphone comes with built-in heart rate monitor, lap counter, calorie tracker and several other fitness tracking features. Plus, you will be able to connect them to your gym equipment too if they make use of BLE or ANT+ technology. In other words, you will be able to eliminate the need for other wearable devices with the help of this headphone.

4. Halo Sports:

This headphone from Halo Sports must be the most innovative headphone in the current year. Developed by Halo Neuroscience, this headphone aims to stimulate the motor cortex of the brain through intricate sensors. The inner band of the headphone comes with high-quality sensors which will stimulate the motor cortex of the brain while you listening to music. Since the motor cortex regulates motor functions in human beings, it will help to improve your movements greatly.

Well, the ones listed above are undoubtedly the most innovative headphones of this year. However, if you are looking for headphones that you will be able to use in your daily life then you must look out for Sennheiser headphones online india. Sennheiser being one of the most popular as well as the oldest headphone makers across the globe offers best quality headphones at a reasonable price. You can easily check out the headphones online and avail them for your use. Here are some best headphones from Sennheiser that you can buy for daily use:

1. Sennheiser CX 180 Ear Canal Earphone:

Regarded as your ultimate travel buddy, the Sennheiser CX 180 Ear Canal earphone offers a comfortable fit and features a durable yet appealing design. The amazing thing about this earphone is that it comes with 3.5 mm stereo plug which can work easily with any audio device. Apart from having a 1.2m cable, this earphone comes with ear caps of different sizes. As a result, you will be able to choose the one that fits your ear perfectly. As far as the sound quality is concerned, this Sennheiser headphone assures you about high-quality acoustics which you have never experienced before.


Here is another great headphone from Sennheiser that you can choose for yourself. Built to provide the best quality aural experience, this headphone also features a 3.5 mm plug along with a long cable. Having an over the ear design, this headphone provides comfortable built. And the ear cuffs are breathable, so you will have no problem in keeping them over your ears.

Headphones are necessary parts of our life since they help us to listen to our favourite music in supreme quality. Besides taking interest in innovative headphones, buy headphones online India and make sure that you get the best musical experience.

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