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The world’s first truly curved smartphone

The world’s first truly curved smartphone

LG has launched the world’s first truly curved smartphone, which she called G Flex. He has no analogues in any country in the world, and even candy bar Samsung Galaxy Round, also allegedly curved case and display, unable to compete with him.
This version of the smartphone has a unique body color with a metallic shade, which praised as men who have vehicles with slim design and the fair sex, loving all stylish and unusual.
Smartphone LG G Flex D958 Titan Silver is based on a quad-core system on a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with a frequency of 2.26 GHz, which is considered one of the most powerful in its class. It is integrated Adreno 330 graphics controller and memory , means here exactly 2 gigabytes. User information is stored on the built-in storage capacity of 32 gigabytes, but for  expand memory cards can not be due to lack of slots for them.
But the most interesting in this device – it his display, executed by cutting edge technology POLED. This is a special modification of the OLED- panels, endowed with a plastic backing, through which manages and slightly bend the screen and, accordingly, the hull shape. The display supports HD resolution at 6 inches diagonally and displays 16 million colors.
Curvature of the display does not prevent working with him – it performs its functions as “excellent .” What about the ergonomic body, its form of the letter “C” allows you snuggle device to-face during a call. Comfort obvious plus microphone directly at the mouth, so that in noisy environments will not have to shout into the phone.Future technology The world's first truly curved smartphone

Developing G Flex D958 Titan Silver, LG has created a true masterpiece: this smartphone has a whole lot of advantages, it unique to date, the hull shape. Its thickness is less than 8 millimeters, but inside it is very capacious lithium-polymer battery – 3500 mAh. This capacity , taking into account the size of the display and performance SoC enough for 14 hours of talk time or 560 hours of standby.
Smartphone is a versatile mobile device – this means of communication and internet gadget , and even the camera together with the navigator . LG has provided it all : support for cellular networks, second, third and fourth (LTE) generation modules GPS and GLONASS , and immediately two cameras – a 2.1 megapixel front used to ” self – shots ” and video calls, and basic 13 megapixel , which received the recording function Full HD- video , autofocus and LED flash.
the body is made from a special polymer plastic, pleasant to the touch, flexible and, attention, self-healing. This means that if you want a smartphone, you can give a classic flat form (display, recall, is also located on a flexible plastic substrate, and therefore will not be affected ), but after some time again to bend it to its original condition. No damage will not happen on the glass that protects the screen or on the case back .
Unfortunately, with all the advantages of the smartphone LG G Flex D958 Titan Silver place for flaws in it still found. In particular, LG has not calculated a bit and put the power button on the screen on the rear cover.
Another drawback for some users may be the physical size of a smartphone, amounting 161h82h8 millimeters and a weight equal to 177 grams.
The third and final drawback LG G Flex D958 Titan Silver is its software component: a smartphone running the operating system Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, today is obsolete. Can hope that soon the G Flex will receive a firmware update. Future technology The world's first truly curved smartphone Future technology The world's first truly curved smartphone  Future technology The world's first truly curved smartphone
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