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The world’s first display with a transparency of 80%

The world’s first display with a transparency of 80%

Attempts to create a transparent screen for electronic devices already was a great multitude, and recently the company Japan Displa Inc has introduced its own version of such a device. Display of Japanese company has a transmittance of 80% and can be used in various fields: from building windows and before devices augmented reality.
Coefficient new type transparent display almost two times higher than that of virtually all such devices presented earlier. This was achieved thanks to the new technology. For example, the level of transparency of liquid crystal displays using polarizers and the color filter does not exceed 30%, and in the type of OLED displays using such technologies can achieve a transmission coefficient of 45%.Future technology The world's first display with a transparency of 80% Such high values โ€‹โ€‹of the coefficient of transparency has been achieved thanks to the new structure of the display device, in which no plate of polarizing light material and the color filter. The company Japan Displays still keeps a secret technology, which made it possible to achieve such impressive results. But at the moment it is already known that the display is constructed of the liquid crystal. For more detailed specifications, the developers promise to reveal later.
Currently size of prototype  the transparent display is 4 inches diagonally with a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels and the density of 117 dpi. Devices with such displays can be used as screens of electronic books, clocks, smart phones, augmented reality systems, billboards, shop windows, “smart” windows, and more.

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