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The thinnest hologram in the world

The thinnest hologram in the world

As a result of cooperation of teams of scientists from Australia and China, a holographic projection was created, having a thickness 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This invention will help to make three-dimensional holography a common thing in consumer electronics: smartphones, computers and TVs.
To create a holographic image, a laser system is used, the use of which is already available in medicine, educational institutions, and the creation of data warehouses. Project manager Professor Min Gu asserts that, in contrast to the traditionally created bulky holograms, a new approach made it possible to obtain ultra-thin images.
Conventional holograms modulate the phase of an electromagnetic wave, giving the illusion of three-dimensional space. But to form a sufficient phase shift, the holographic elements should have a thickness comparable to the wavelength of visible light.Future technology The thinnest hologram in the world

Now scientists have succeeded in reducing the thickness of these elements to 25 nanometers due to the topological insulating material. Its upper layers have a low refractive index, and the core is very high. As a result, this material plays the role of an optical resonator that enhances the phase shifts necessary for the operation of the hologram.
In the future, according to one of the developers, will be created ultra-thin film, which allows to activate 3D-holographic images in LCD-displays. It is planned to release films with a variety of properties for a variety of electronic devices.
It is noted that the introduction of holography will make the screen parameters (length and width) less important: a “pop-up” 3D hologram will show a variety of data that does not fit on the screen of a smartphone or the “smart” hours.Future technology The thinnest hologram in the world


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