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The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10

The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10

In 2018, smartphone manufacturers can surprise all customers with only the integrated fingerprint scanner, which Synaptics managed to create. It is expected that the vast majority of mobile devices, the announcement of which will be held in the second half of 2018, will be able to boast such a feature. Double cameras and frameless screens have long been surprising, but Samsung has found an extremely effective way to please all its fans.
Just a few days ago, the South Korean corporation Samsung patented a couple of its new technologies, all of which are intended for use in its new smartphones. With a very high probability, each of the new features will receive the Galaxy S10, the official presentation of which will take place in the first half of 2019, that is, somewhere in one year.
The code name and other interesting details of the future flagship smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy S10 have been announced. The Korean giant has been working on the novelty for several months already. The company decided to call the Samsung Galaxy S10 Beyond. This step can be explained by the fact that Galaxy smartphones will celebrate their 10th anniversary, and Samsung wants to show that they will go beyond what has already been achieved.Future tecfhnology The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10

The patent says that Samsung engineers managed to integrate absolutely all sensors, including the front camera, into the AMOLED-screen.
In particular, the description of the new patent says that Samsung employees have managed to create several technologies, thanks to which the introduction of the spoken speaker, front camera, lighting and proximity sensors, as well as a number of other components located in the upper frame of the smartphone, was possible directly in the AMOLED- screen mobile device. Such an amazing feature should get the Samsung Galaxy S10, and from it all will definitely be in shock, as the flagship from this manufacturer will become the only smartphone in the world with such a feature.
In addition, Samsung managed to place a fingerprint scanner under the AMOLED-screen, and it’s about some other dactyloscopic module produced not by Synaptics. This suggests that in Galaxy S10, if the South Korean manufacturer succeeds, an absolutely frameless display will be used, occupying more than 99% of the area on the front. This will make Samsung’s novelty incredibly attractive in the eyes of buyers from all over the world, as it will not have any analogues.
It remains to be believed that all technologies described in the patent, created by Samsung, really fully work and can already be implemented in smartphones. If this is the case, the Galaxy S10 is shocking to all its key features, which will definitely appeal to all buyers, and especially to the fanatical fans of products under this brand.Future tecfhnology The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10   Future tecfhnology The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10  Future tecfhnology The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10  Future tecfhnology The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10
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