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The first touch display 4K 98 ”

The first touch display 4K 98 ”

Leading manufacturer of 4K-displays for commercial use – the company Planar –
presented  “the industry’s first” display series UltraRes, with  4K resolution and a rather large diagonal – 98 “. In addition, the display is equipped with a sensor that can recognize up to 32 simultaneous touches.
The display is designed to work several people,introducing information into the computer touch and gestures, through the sensor screen. For example, such a device will look good in conference rooms, classrooms, command centers and other conference rooms with spectacular presentations.
Planar UltraRes 98 ” will expand the range of existing panels of this type, including the diagonal 28 ”, 58 ”, 65 ‘and 84’ ‘(resolution Ultra HD).
Matrix display has a margin of 500 nits brightness and is capable of displaying both 2D, and 3D-content. Protects its strong glass adjacent to the surface without air gap – this technology, which improves the characteristics of the image, is becoming popular in the world of mobile devices.
Text and fine detail, despite the huge diagonal, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 will not disappear and the image is much information as possible, looks good even when viewed up close.Future technology The first touch display 4K 98 ''

 Future technology The first touch display 4K 98 '' Future technology The first touch display 4K 98 ''

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