The destroyer of the future

The destroyer of the future

The largest US Navy destroyer was sent to sea for the first test. Accompanied by several tugs,futuristic warship left the shipyard Bath Iron Works,was on   the Kennebec River and out into the Atlantic Ocean.
He was the first in its class. Nothing like this has ever been. It is the ship of the future.Tests and completion of the ship will take place throughout the winter. The new destroyer is planned to put into service the US Navy in the next year. The new destroyer runs on electricity, is equipped with modern radar and sonar, missiles and the powerful guns. He also designed be invisible to enemy detection systems. According to NBC News, increasing automation has significantly reduced the number of crew in comparison with standard destroyers.

Future technology The destroyer of the future

The cost of a 185-meter Zumwalt destroyer with a displacement of 15,000 tons will be at least $ 4.4 billion. The ship is named in honor of Admiral Elmo Russell Elmo Zumwalt, who led the naval operations of the United States. Critics argue that the new hull shape reduces the stability of the ship, although while making it invisible to enemy radar systems. Excessive electrification of the ship, reportedly may increase him vulnerability in electronic warfare.
However, the US military is confident in the design of Zumwalt and plan to build three more ships of this class.  Future technology The destroyer of the future Future technology The destroyer of the future
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