The desk of the future

The desk of the future


Now that the iPad has been formally announced, let’s take it a step further with this iDesk. Actually, the technology that you see in this picture is called the Pictionaire, and it is under development by Microsoft Research and the University of California, Berkeley.

As you can see from the attached video after the jump, this 4 x 6 foot table has a camera mounted above it, much like the futuristic hexagonal-type board game that we reported on yesterday.

The user has the power to place a physical object on the Pictionaire, and, with a little drag-and-drop gesture, he or she will have a digital copy of that item. The original physical object can be moved, and the digital copy can be traced onto a whiteboard or a sketchpad.

The user also has the option of putting a wireless keyboard on the table, and the table can become a display. From what it looks like in the video, the user can type in a keyword and get the image that he or she is looking for, maybe from the objects that were on the Pictionaire before.

It reminds of a desk I saw in The Island. Some of you might not remember this film, because it was an intelligent Michael Bay film that didn’t involve giant robots beating each other up. I believe that the villain in The Island had a desk with projections, and he even had Ewan McGregor draw on it with a virtual stylus. You know that desks like this will be in offices of the future, unless the companies can afford a Surface.
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