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Computer + Mirror TV + Wi-Fi 4= kitchen future

Computer + Mirror TV + Wi-Fi 4= kitchen future

After unveiling the built-in TV for your kitchen and the 82-inch outdoor glass LCD TV, Luxurite has now taken the wraps off its newest creation – the built-in cabinet door Mirror TV with Wi-Fi. The Luxurite Cabinet Door TV has been designed to combine the functions of a TV, PC, mirror and cabinet door in one unit. The TV comes integrated in a stylish door and is then supplied to furniture manufacturers for different cabinets. This innovative solution lets its owners conceal their TV behind a mirror on your cabinet. Once the TV is turned off, the special internal thin structure allows mirror images to be showcased with high clarity. The integrated Wi-Fi technology offers fast connectivity to a home wireless router and increases your entertainment choices from general TV programs to internet resources.

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The TV has a built-in computer with wireless-device 802.11bor 802.11b/g wireless LAN. You also get a wireless keyboard and mouse to maximize the ease of use. The hybrid analog and digital TV tuner makes sure that you can receive the latest movies, music and news in both the formats. The new built-in cabinet door Mirror TV with Wi-Fi capability from Luxurite looks good enough to inspire your next renovation.

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