Take notes with Vivid Notes!

Take notes with Vivid Notes!

In a world which is ruled by technology, why should students be devoid of it. But all these gadgets have similar designing and functions as well. A Latvian designer Uldis Stipnieks is out with an idea dubbed Vivid Notes, which will help the whole writing and even drawing process in schools to be trouble-free. Future technology Take notes with Vivid Notes

Although the market is filled with multitouch tablets, but these fall flat on the face when it comes to having a feature that will easily take notes. Vivid Notes will kill this flaw as it will have a stylus which will help take notes, and it also comes embedded with a special notes app. It will be multi-touch and have an on-screen keyboard. The piece of equipment will be crafted out of translucent glass and will be clubbed with the color white for a serene appearance. Normally, the back of every product has an immovable logo that denotes the way a device should be held. Vivid Notes will have a logo that will always stay straight without any worries. Rotate the device in any direction and you will see the logo adjusted accordingly.
This is just a concept .  Future technology Take notes with Vivid Notes
Future technology Take notes with Vivid NotesFuture technology Take notes with Vivid Notes
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