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Masterkey 4.0 – universal projected keyboard

Any accessory for a smartphone should be comparable in size with it, otherwise the mobility and comfort of work deteriorates dramatically. A different matter, if the device does not have a constant physical form, as in the case of the keyboard Masterkey 4.0, which is projected by a laser beam to the surface. In the deactivated form, it is no more than a cover for a smartphone, in the active - in ...

LG Finestra: display-charging cradle-smartphone concept

The Design finestra LG screen-filling-Smartphone cradle concept. The advantage is that you can manipulate the screen to display an image as a display window and enjoy the different scenery. What we have here is a display with charging cradle and the ability to synchronize with a smartphone so you can access your social sites at whim. Phone beams exit the virtual keyboard for easy navigation. ...