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Handheld cordless and lightweight Vacuum cleaner!

You want to clean up is easy and fun? Then you can use The Orb-It. This Black & Decker Orb-It handheld vacuum features handle and nozzle that extend automatically. Available in 6 finishes, Orb-It runs for 8 minutes and has the fast-charging lithium ion battery. And this trendy cordless vacuum cleaner weighs under 800 grams, making it very easy to use. Orb-It is perfect for speedily cleaning ar...

Future Robot Vacuum Cleaner "Robo TAP Cleaner"

Robo TAP makes use of an indoor positioning system as it follows its own route to vacuum household floors. This design improves upon automatic vacuums like Roomba by giving users more hands-on control. When you want it to pay attention to a particularly dirty spot, you just tap your foot twice to summon it. The foot-controlled Robo TAP keeps you on your toes. (more…)

Innovative Trash Bin and Vacuum Cleaner "Cuum"

The design principle behind this, according to the designers were more or less an ergonomic issues of when the user is required to bend down with the dustpan to collect the debris. “Cuum” is actually designed as a trash bin with a vacuum cleaner embedded as its base. With the vacuum unit incorporated at the trash bin base, it solved that ergonomic issues immediately as the debris are sucked in...