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Aerial photography

Aerial photography 1

I really like the actual cosmic elegance within design, nearly just like a star or even whimsical flower. The concept of aerial photography is not really innovative, however the concept of the actual Sky View Camera definitely is actually. People are intrigued with photos of these from above, therefore one of these simple days the digital concepts camera will discover light. Details tend to be ske...

Tritium flashlight: 20 years battery life

Future technology Tritium  flashlight 20 years battery life

Nuclear gadget do not want to buy?  The real. Appeared very interesting  a device. Speaking about functional, novelty can be named as a flashlight. The truth, atypical. The invention of stainless steel is attached to the keychain, it allows you to find keys in the dark. Due to what? A device lights. Not too bright, but 20 years in a row. Due to the prisoner inside the isotope tritium (a ...

Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Future technology Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Most recently, Apple announced a brand new mobile platform iOS 7, it is quite markedly different from previous versions of the system. In the coming months, the owners of Apple gadgets can upgrade their toys to the latest firmware. And what will be  iOS 8, which will be released next year?  The answer to this question has prepared designer Vilim Pluzaric. (more…)

Innovative Stroller-bike for modern moms

Future technology Stroller-bike for modern moms

This new original bike, which also can be a stroller, making it easy to drive even in public transportation (subway, bus). In addition you can freely go shopping, visit the cafe. With the bike do it very uncomfortable, but if it becomes a regular stroller, then with this problem can easily handle. And as soon as the need bike - 20 seconds, and your stroller into a convenient means of transportati...

Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System "Swish"

Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System - Swish1

A spherical shaped standalone washer called the Swish combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal washers. Photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors power motors and efficently heat water. Natural ‘soap nuts’ can be grown with the sterile ‘graywater’ waste. Via yankodesign.com Green technology Future products Concept product design Future c...

Hampster Wheel Human Energy

C:UsersMindspaceDesktopgreen wheelgreen wheel3 Model (1)

Green wheels on a simulator, which converts the kinetic energy produced by the human body into electricity. Several machines are connected to a central storage unit of energy, where electricity can be supplemented with road lighting and traffic lights. Designer Nadim Inaty imagines that the device can be placed in public places, and allow users to donate a portion of its running time in exchange f...

Total Recall – device future


This is a device which records the person’s experiences in a form of media, sound as well as the sense of touch and smell, to be communicated to others. The icons that appear in a form of holograms on the transparent touch bio screen can be operated by fingers. Bio particles stick out from the screen surface in the form of protrusion, transferring the recorded sense of touch and the smell from ...

Intel Technology in Digital Signage


Digital signage is a relatively new display category that encompasses in-store kiosks, large information displays suspended from a ceiling, touchscreens for navigating a building or store, ambient displays that show imagery or advertising, and more. (more…)

Portable computer concept Rolltop


Rolltop is a portable computer development concept for designer, architect and everyone, who would like to have a gadget, which, from an aesthetic standpoint alone, certainly hits the mark.  By virtue of the OLED-Display technology and a multitouchscreen the utility of a laptop computer with its weight of a mini-notebook and screen size of 13 inch easily transforms into the graphics tablet, whic...

Future Wallet


The Vista Wallet is the first real specialized device just designed for your spending of hard earned cash. In the 21st Century we are always connected, always available, and we can retrieve knowledge and information as soon as it’s discovered. Banking and shopping are still stuck in earlier times, still obeying early closing times when money used to be counted, they still take 24 - 48 hours to c...