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Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Future technology Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Sony Xperia Projector is the innovative touch projector.The device is really amazing and allows you to get  the tablet on virtually any surface. Imagine being anywhere in the home can cause an interactive screen to retrieve information from the Internet or, for example, a smart home control functions. The range of use of the device is very wide, which gives good prospects for the further deve...

Concept Nokia FIT – ring for calls and messages

Future technology Concept Nokia FIT - ring for calls and messages

One of the biggest problems of modern mobile phones and smartphones is their size. It is certainly, the big screen is very good, play games or read all sorts of information is convenient, but when it concerns where to put the device, pockets sag and create some discomfort when walking.According to the author of the concept, Nokia FIT ring phone is designed for easy acceptance / fulfillment calls a...

Concept the frameless iPhone 7

Future technology Concept the frameless iPhone 7

Experts project iPhone-Tricks really want to see in the future iPhone the frameless design. So much so that in his concept decided to stretch the screen smart phone on the entire front panel. The result was a gadget without physical button Home, but with additional features conceptual iOS 10 interface.iPhone 7 will receive a frameless design, OLED-display with a resolution of 2K.  Button Nome...

Concept Google Glass of the second generation

Future technology Concept Google Glass of the second generation

Despite the fact that in early 2015, Google Inc. has suspended the production and sale of augmented reality glasses Google Glass, the project has not been abandoned. Work under the product continued the company Nest. And soon is expected to release the second generation of Google Glass. Points will get a new design - they will be secured in one ear, as a headset. node,that holding the glass prism,...

Concept of a universal mobile device of the future

Future technology The concept of a universal mobile device of the future

Mobile devices appeared at edge of the high-tech market today. It is most popular types the smartphones and tablet computers. Now, however, it is increasingly talking about the fact that in the foreseeable future their complement will more compact gadgets of new types, such as augmented reality glasses or smart watches.The designer Callil Capuozzo drew attention to the fact that, in practice, very...

Concept Flexible Windows Smartphone Has a Crystal Clear Body

Future technology Concept Flexible Windows Smartphone Has a Crystal Clear Body

The device seems to be a flexible one, or at least curved. Smartphone with 360 Degree Screen, a designer, introduced the concept of a smartphone screen which goes around the body at 360 degrees. Likewise, the author insists on the ability to display three-dimensional image without glasses. As the Windows Phone software platform was chosen because of the brightest and most aesthetic of all. Crystal...

Concept of slider BlackBerry Venice

Future technology Concept of slider BlackBerry Venice

This year, the Canadian BlackBerry company plans to introduce its first Android-smartphone, which likely will be named BlackBerry Venice. The smartphone will be equipped with curved edges with the 5.7-inch screen, 808 Snapdragon processor, 3 GB of RAM, 18-megapixel camera and a slide-out QWERTY-keyboard like a BlackBerry Passport, including sensory possibilities for gesture control without the nee...

Concept gaming smartphone

Future technology Concept gaming smartphone

Although Nintendo has no plans in the near future to release its own smartphone, it does not prevent third-party designers to dream on the theme of "if". Here a concept smartphone Wii M. However, their appearance a device is more like on the  portable consoles. Housing Wii U has smooth rounded edges, characteristic of the controller from the console Wii U. The product received two leaving par...

Concept Lumia 940 through the eyes of a designer

Future technology Concept Lumia 940 through the eyes of a designer

Communities Phone Designer presented his vision of Lumia 940. In the opinion of the group of designers, the elegant smartphone must have a display with a diagonal of 5.2 inches and Full HD-resolution. On the back side of the concept placed the large round insert with 20-megapixel camera and a triple LED-flash. Micro-USB connector is replaced by a symmetric USB-C, there is iris scanner. Works all t...

Thync – accessory,which improves mood

Future technology Thync  accessory,which improves mood

Unusual Thync device is designed to give people the opportunity to change your mood for the better. Price accessory,truth,not small! On what is capable of invention? - Thync device located on the head of the owner able send the micro electric impulses to the brain, thus changing the mood. According to the authors, depending on the selected via a special application installation, user can feel rela...