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Global Chef on Kitchen

Global Chef - this is a clever device that uses the technology for their own advantages over similar devices. The device is able to bring people together from all over the world with the help of laser hologram. You can study a master class with renowned chefs, learn new recipes, or join for the party in the kitchen,even,if you're on the other side of the world. The device is able to transmit odors...

Concept USB Drive

This is a very interesting gadget, with which is very convenient copy files from a flash drive on a USB flash drive. It is just a concept, but the device is promising, as it avoids the use of a computer as an intermediary. Device semi-circular, more like a horseshoe. At the ends of it are two USB-ports for the two flash drives or hard drives, and the upper part of the body is a touch screen. The...

Concept Samsung Galaxy Watch

Recently, a lot of rumors about the hours-helpers. There are reports that Apple and Samsung are developing a device of this kind. Therefore, designer Mohammad Mehdi Azimi,who designs creative and beautiful smartphone concepts, now released his latest imagination of Samsung galaxy watch concept . Watch seems to be modern and uses the same interface of galaxy S4. Blue color leather belt and bigger v...