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Concept camera CropPic

This device has  thin sliding housing, that fits in any pocket. The interface is optimized for editing photos obtained on the spot, making it easy to cut the frame and remove unnecessary background elements. For synchronize with a computer using a module Wi-Fi. Designer: Tae Han Kim. (more…)

Smart Case iPUP

People carry things in their hands or bags. To make people’s hands light, we focused on their mobile phone cases they carry everywhere. When people need cards, they have to scrabble through their bags or take out their wallets. We wanted to make it easier to carry the most often used card in a mobile phone case. The first challenge was to make a slot fit tightly with a card well so a card in the...

Sideburn – small mount for iPhone via SD card slot

The iPhone is a fairly dainty device, but it still needs a helping hand to fit into an SD card slot. That is where the Sideburn comes in. The Sideburn is a small mount that plugs into the SD slot on an iMac or MacBook to keep your iPhone in a usable place. You won't have to tear your eyes away from your big screen to check your new messages or catch an incoming call. You also won't risk losing you...

BOMB USB Concept

Plug and Play! A metaphoric and conceptual object designed to be shown on a desk or a work place not so much to carry around. BOMB USB is a flash drive and a toy, not an actual bomb. 4GB flash drive - body made of silicon. Via Behance Future tablet design Computer of the future Future car Nokia E2

iHome’s iW2 AirPlay speaker concept

Wi-Fi speakers that are compatible with Apple's AirPlay wireless audio technology are gradually expected to come down in price this year after coming out of the gate in 2011 with lofty price tags that scared a lot of consumers away. Case in point: iHome's $199 iW2 speaker with AirPlay, which the company says will begin shipping April 1. This unit is about 25 percent smaller than last year's iHome ...

Sopar – New Table Screen

The ideal screen to meet every need of practical use and elegant style. Refined Italian design together with the technological functionality. Via Industrial Design Served Sports technology Smartphone future Blackberry Emphaty Laptop fast

Lexar JumpDrive Triton USB 3.0-based thumbdrive

This is not one of those typical thumbdrives being given out at social events. For one thing, the Lexar JumpDrive Triton may be the first device I've run into in a long, long time that doesn't bear the "Made in China" label. Instead, there's a message on its back that clearly reads "Product of USA." While it's unclear if the drive is actually made entirely in the States, one thing is for sure: it ...

Grace Digital Mondo Wi-Fi music player concept

The Mondo Wi-Fi music player features a 3.5-inch color LCD display and comes equipped with more than 18,000 Internet radio stations and endless on-demand content from providers including NPR, BBC, iHeartRadio, and CBS . You'll also get access to premium free music services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Dar.fm, as well as premium pay services such as SiriusXM Internet Radio and Live365 VIP. Bas...

Forget Apple TV, meet the Apple holodeck!

Apple looks to be introducing a new iPad and perhaps something new to do with Apple TV at a press event on March 7. So far, the consensus seems to be that we should expect a faster iPad with a high-resolution "retina display," Siri integration, and perhaps some kind of haptic feedback. That's what we're likely to see, but half the fun of Apple rumors is imagining what the "one more thing" will be-...

Capture All Your Exploits with Helmet Cameras

With social networking exploding, more and more people are sharing their videos online and in other venues. At one time, recording your own exploits was difficult if you participated in highly active sports. Helmet cameras  have changed the game, though. Whether you are scaling a treacherous rock face or navigating the rapids, helmet cameras offer you a hands-free way to record and share all the ...