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Concept of a universal mobile device of the future

Mobile devices appeared at edge of the high-tech market today. It is most popular types the smartphones and tablet computers. Now, however, it is increasingly talking about the fact that in the foreseeable future their complement will more compact gadgets of new types, such as augmented reality glasses or smart watches.The designer Callil Capuozzo drew attention to the fact that, in practice, very...

Concept Samsung Bend Tablet

What if you could have a tablet with a screen that could be bent into a stand or a virtual keyboard, depending on the angle you’re positioning it? Wouldn't that be cool? For this tablet concept, designer has taken inspiration from several iconic objects like the Leica M9 camera and Apple Watch but also from items like a chair and a radio. The result is quite beautiful and is unlike what we have ...

Concept tablet of future iPad Contact

In science fiction movies often show the pocket Gadgets with transparent display, which is actively used by the characters. Of course, a fantasy - she is fantastic, that dream about unattainable technology, but what if we consider the possibilities of the future with regard to modern technology? Take, for example, the device iPad Contact, fully transparent tablet computer.Of course, iPad Contact -...