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Bag of Rhythm: portable stereo speaker system

The device includes a Class D amplifier, advantages from amazing a digital signal running technologies, features a rate of recurrence reaction for 56Hz - 20kHz, and also complete harmonic distortion for under 1 %. People may energy the device by itself through the mains it is going to consider within in 10.6 pounds, the 12V vehicle plug, 6 D-sized battery packs or perhaps a soon-to-be-made-availab...

Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept

The round shape is not just a visual experience, but also forms the optimal exit point for sound. The Acoustic Lab Zeta 2.0 Digitally Matched speaker set, incorporating beautiful design, and crystal clear stereo sound through a completely linear sound spectrum. The round, strong and organically shaped speakers completely removes all parallel surfaces and thereby eliminates the usual noise nuisance...

Audio Wrap – Flexible Speaker Concept

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) of Taiwan, came to Pilotfish to find help for promoting one of their hottest new technology, the ITRI Flexible Speaker. An A4 sheet can produce the same volume as a small mobile speaker. To produce enough sound the Flexible Speaker needs a minimum of surface. But the quality of the Flex Speaker being yet insufficient for the Hi-Fi market, we had deci...