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Concept of sunny paper for charging gadgets

In Chicago developed the thinnest solar cells. The creators their offspring called "solar paper" and say, that on a clear day it will allow to charge the iPhone 6 in 2.5 hours. The paper can be carried in notebook - it will not damage cover or damaging itself.Sun paper - this is the most delicate Charger for generating alternative energy. It can be folded into a book and take with you on a walk or...

Charger powered by solar energy

We reported about the solar bonsai-inspired charger concept by Vivien Muller back in 2008 and the product has now evolved and is being produced by a small family-run company. Dubbed Electree, the solar charger features leaves of photovoltaic panels that allow users to recharge mobile devices using renewable energy. The structure consists of 42 solar cells and the energy produced by the panels i...