Tag name : smart device

Concept Asymmetric smartphone Lean On Me

This concept from designer Seung Hyun Lee combines unusual asymmetric shape of the case and the latest  filling. The author raises the target make the wearing of the device most convenient and without losing in the display size and ergonomics. (more…)

Concept Apple iWatch

According to recent reports, Apple is going to release a smart watch. At the moment, the development of this product engaged a department of 100 people. It is assumed that this will be a device-satellite, that connects to your phone or tablet and takes over some functions of the "senior" gadget. This thin 6.4-millimeter clock made in the style of iPhone. They are available in black and...

Concept Pot Moots

There are smart phones, devices for the modern kitchen, etc. But here in front of you clever flower pot. It informs you when the plant needs more water or food, smart pot with a touch screen. Pot Moots your futuristic pot plant concept designed to blend perfectly with the modern home, it allows you to grow plants in your dome.Slovo moots himself came from a combination of two words: seeds and mood...

An innovative service for patients and physicians

Before you go to the doctor, you can consult with a clever machine. It's called Smart Consulting Services. The service allows people at the entrance of the hospital to register and pre-consult before consulting to their doctor. This can  improve relation between doctors and patients by optimizing registering process. The service is located at the hospital's entrance.  A touchable display...