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Sopar – New Table Screen

The ideal screen to meet every need of practical use and elegant style. Refined Italian design together with the technological functionality. Via Industrial Design Served Sports technology Smartphone future Blackberry Emphaty Laptop fast

LG Finestra: display-charging cradle-smartphone concept

The Design finestra LG screen-filling-Smartphone cradle concept. The advantage is that you can manipulate the screen to display an image as a display window and enjoy the different scenery. What we have here is a display with charging cradle and the ability to synchronize with a smartphone so you can access your social sites at whim. Phone beams exit the virtual keyboard for easy navigation. ...

Future touch screen technology

Can you imagine organizing your daily schedule with a few touches on your bathroom mirror? Chatting with far-away relatives through interactive video on your kitchen counter? Reading a classic novel on a whisper-thin piece of flexible glass? The video depicts a world in which interactive glass surfaces help you stay connected through seamless delivery of real-time information – whether you’...

Latest Invention: Flexible Multi-touch Screen Tech

  Researchers from New York University has come up with an idea to create a firm called Touchco and develop flexible multi-touch screens that react to different objects, fingers and hands. According to the team, headed by Ken Perlin and Ilya Rosenberg from the Media Research Laboratory, their latest invention could be used for various applications, including e-readers and even musical in...