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The new one-piece PC from Teclast


You like computers format "all in one"? Then pay attention to the model Teclast X24 Air. This monoblock device with 23.8-inch display. The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels.At the heart of devaysa - Intel Celeron N3160 processor with 4 cores. Powered chip with a clock speed of up to 2.24 GHz. Responsible for the graphics Intel HD Graphics Accelerator 400. There are no problems with the vide...

Innovative Scratchpad reMarkable, replacing paper


Paper and pencil are one of the main instruments for the materialization of thoughts and expressions of creativity, and therefore not all are willing to part with the usual notebook and writing "pen." Developers of reMarkable still took a chance and created an electronic analog, which, in their view, is able to become a worthy replacement with a mass of additional advantages.The gadget that combin...

Dynamics Concept Earphones

Future technology Dynamics Concept Earphones

Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music. Concept earphones project developed for JBL on behalf of Harman International. JBL always created versatile products, easy to use, comfortable and designed to can be the perfect products for everyone, no matter sex no matter age, no matter when and where. After months of researches and medical consulting, the goal was ...

Innovative ULed Flashlight with the brightness of 8000

Future technology Innovative ULed Flashlight with the brightness of 8000

Many are probably faced with a problem, when the conventional flashlight is not enough light to illuminate the area at night. Solve this problem will help the new LED flashlight ULed, which developers called the most powerful in its class. Brightness news reaches 8000 lumens, which is enough to almost turn night into day. At the same time the possibility of a flashlight ULed not limited. Thanks to...

Engineers have given the robot by human muscles

Future technology Engineers have given the robot by human muscles

The Japanese built the skeleton robot, equipped with a mechanical "muscles" of the pneumatic fiber, almost perfectly imitating the work of human muscles.A team of Japanese inventors created a robotic motion system that mimics the human muscular system. The model developed Suzumori Endo Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology will be an important step towards the development of humanoid robots.As ...

PhytlSigns – an innovative device for plants

Future technology PhytlSigns - an innovative device for plants

Humans can not do without communication. Without contact with each other, we simply are not able to function normally, whether verbal or the sign language dialogue. And what about nature? There are many examples of how animals communicate with each other, but what happens to the plants? We do not own supernormal abilities,that can allow us to talk to the plants, but thanks to technology, we can no...

Scarf, as protection against paparazzi

Future technology Scarf, as protection against paparazzi

How to protect celebrities from intrusive paparazzi? Proposed a method of protection using scarf ISHU adding fibers with nano spherical crystals which reflect light from the photo flares leaving a luminous image cloth on a dark background. Useful property of accessory, which costs 290 pounds, already rated stars such as Cameron Diaz, Joe Jonas and Paris Hilton. Another, wishing to escape the flash...

Innovative Notebook HP Chromebook 11 G5

Future technology Innovative Notebook HP Chromebook 11 G5

Despite the fact,that the cloud operating system Chrome OS not uses increased popularity, some manufacturers continue to use it in their notebooks. For example, soon exit in release a laptop HP Chromebook 11 G5 and all the students, secondary school students and teachers will be able to buy a low-cost device for working with documents and mail. The cost has not yet been called, but it is not very ...

Round anti smartphone

Future technology Round anti smartphone

At last year's February exhibition MWC was presented an unusual "anti smartphone" Runcible. His appearance looked like a round pebble, or a kind of pocket watch. Authors device positioned it as "anti-social smartphone" designed to distract people from the mobile internet, however in Runcible provides access to Google Play, so that the software  Runcible does not fully limited. More than a yea...

Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Future technology Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Caviar can eat by the large spoons not only riches. After all invented a device that will allow the caviar to cook at home in the literal sense. And it is not fabulous money. Now even the proud members of the middle class can afford to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner caviar, without getting into the merciless loans. Prepare exquisite delicacy can be right at home. Moreover, for this does not even ...