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Concept Electric Bicycle

A people no can remain indifferent  to this project. Who love new and interesting, and who want to protect the environment. It is simple to use! Let's see ... A conceptual model of Fredrik Lundin in classic utilitarian design, and has a modular design that allows an individual to pick up fenders, seat and pedals. A bicycle is equipped with an automatic transmission. The battery is located a...

Concept Wristwatch – bracelet Round-The-Clock

This concept watch will surprise you for sure. At first glance it is hard to understand that this is a watch. concept Round-The-Clock wristwatch doesn’t have any buttons, it synchronizes itself using external time sources such as GPS, atomic clock or satellite signals.  Round-Clock  created Benedek looks like a bracelet, but  the same time, he tells  time with hour and minute...

Incredible computer desk

German university RWTH Aachen University has developed a special curved desk, whose name «Bend Desk». This table is designed for those users for whom the diagonal size of the monitor has a meaning. As horizontal and vertical screen that supports multitouch technology, which creates an incredible opportunity to control every inch of the screen. Under the table there are two of the projector. They...

Concept printer "Eclipse-dual"

Thanks to the concepts we understand that the shape of the printer may be different, such as round or angular. The project "Eclipse-dual" breaks the conventional rules. Concept by designer Han S. Hong combines the functions of the scanner and printer. Instead of having to hide the mechanism by stylish casing design allows the front to watch him work, thus emphasizing the functional aesth...

FLYM – Concept Acoustics thickness of 1 millimeter

Designers Studio designaffairs studio developed an interesting concept - the acoustics FLYM. The device is an ultra-compact speaker, made in a folding design, like origami. Thus, in listening to music, we get a full column of medium size, which can be folded and not even notice in your pocket. The thickness of the shell dynamics is only a quarter of a millimeter, perhaps, there uses a technology c...

Green Air Future Concept

Green Air Concept by Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu and Zhu RB is something very helpful for us. Admit it, we often spend too long in front of our lifeless desktop computer or laptop when working, and sometimes we forget to take a rest once for a while. We are like a machine anyways, especially when deadline is drawing near! However, no matter how important the task in hand is, we have to take a rest regula...

SurfX – Media Table Concept

Media table for different actions. Via Behance Network Computer of the future Future phones 2020 Fingerprint scanner Solar powered streetlights

BOMB USB Concept

Plug and Play! A metaphoric and conceptual object designed to be shown on a desk or a work place not so much to carry around. BOMB USB is a flash drive and a toy, not an actual bomb. 4GB flash drive - body made of silicon. Via Behance Future tablet design Computer of the future Future car Nokia E2

Sopar – New Table Screen

The ideal screen to meet every need of practical use and elegant style. Refined Italian design together with the technological functionality. Via Industrial Design Served Sports technology Smartphone future Blackberry Emphaty Laptop fast

Innovative Luggage Scooter

Innovative luggage transforms into a kick scooter with adjustable handlebar. Micro Luggage Scooter will get you to the gate on time. Be prepared to feel like a rock star as you ride your suitcase through the airport. Via toxel Future car Future tablet design Blackberry Emphaty Future kitchen gadgets