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Energy of the future: solar panels for cities and households

Installed in the Botanical Garden of Madrid and the University of Kufstein, Smartflower solar panels have been tested by practice. As it turned out, they produce 40% more energy,than traditional drives.The idea for Smartflower developers, as it often happens, is borrowed from nature. In shape, the novelty resembles a sunflower - panels are made in the form of giant petals - and uses the same metho...

Concept Power Of The Sunflower

Look at the concept of Power Of The Sunflower. It  refine present iterations and take them to the next level by adding extra layer of innovation. The Powerflower takes on the typical sunflower as solar power hub and what makes it innovative is that like the flower, this mechanical version follows the sun. Simple, clean design with an edge! Great decision! (more…)

Concept urban solar powered info-point.

Can find another very innovative use of solar energy. This is an info-point where you can get information about your city. The concept is that the whole structure is solar powered by the solar cell on the sail and it can rotate following the sun rays inclinations to optimize the energy produced and to keep the user in the shadow. This feature can be obtained from unique shape of the info point and...