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Realistic concept iPhone 8


Admirers of the iPhone have high expectations on novelty Apple, which by tradition will be announced in September this year. The reason for this, and are not significantly changed from the previous models design of the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, and the jubilee year for the iPhone, and rumors, that Apple enters with suppliers of the contract for the supply of new, more advanced components. Resource...

Concept the frameless iPhone 8


Fast release of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 stirs the hearts and minds of many people, and the lack of any official information about it even more arouses interest of the world community. Today, active designers who created the concept of the apparatus, and their vision of a new phone with a bitten apple attracted attention.Authors of the project of iDropnews shared their vision iPhone 8  w...

Concept Salaxy S8


As is customary,on the network appears officially unconfirmed information about the upcoming innovations in flagship smartphones Samsung, which can likely to be true. Although some kind of veil of secrecy lifted the representatives of Korean companies themselves. According to them, in the Galaxy S8 will the voice assistant with artificial intelligence. Smart Assistant can handle complex queries an...

Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone


There are all prerequisites to say that we are on the eve of an era of flexible displays. And it is not only those that are bent at the edges, and those,that will create flexible smartphones, bracelets or even fold them in half.The advantages of such screens are obvious: due to the possibility to roll a display, in any gadget you can set the display that is larger than the size of the device. Actu...

The concept of ultra-thin iPhone 7

Future technology The concept of ultra-thin iPhone 7

Here presented the concept of the future flagship of Apple's with ultra-thin body,a front panel is covered the protecting glass. Interestingly, the top and bottom of the housing design remind Features of the old iPhone. Pictured iPhone 7 has a virtual button the "Home" instead of a physical one.According to the authors, the body, as well the protecting glass this smartphone is very strong. They do...

Concept designer about Phone Motorola

Future technology Concept designer about Phone Motorola

The flat rectangular smartphones already rather bothered the public. And designer from Saudi Arabia presented his conceptual view,could look like the mobile device Motorola. Author renderings did not describe any technical characteristics of the device, paying attention only to his appearance.According to the idea, the device is made of precious metal. Screen the switched off mobile phone is able ...

Oppo R5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world

Future technology Oppo R5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world

Manufacturers mobile phones conspired. Only recently became aware of the mysterious novelty Vivo, which can boast of housing, the thickness of which does not exceed 3.8 mm.But the information about it is not official. Even if the device exists, it will still be in development. Therefore, he one hundred percent, "the thinnest in the world" can not be considered.Who then leader of this indicator?It ...

Concept of a smartphone in a leather case

Future technology Concept of a smartphone in a leather case

Makers smartphone-premium is often use in the manufacture of the housing the non-standard  materials. It can be stainless steel and titanium, precious metals and even the meteoric stone. But in the case of the new concept, we see full leather case of phone.Concept called Leather Phone. The artist looked for several years ahead and borrowed from the future a full set of flexible electronics. T...

Stylish concept smartphone Sony Nexus Compact

Future technology Stylish concept smartphone Sony Nexus Compact

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of Android-smartphone, and therefore very surprising that she had never participate in the project Google Nexus.  Danish designer decided to correct this omission.In his concept Sony Nexus Compact Dane tried to combine the style of models such as the Nexus 5, 7 and Nexus tablet mobile Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. The key advantages of the concept of the sma...

Concept Nokia FIT – On My Fingertips

Future technology Concept Nokia FIT - On My Fingertips

Nokia FIT - a concept phone that can be worn on the finger. Made of soft silicone rubber, flexible, fully waterproof and phone support voice communication and SMS. You can take it with you to the pool and enjoy the fun even if you are expecting an important call. The designer has added a built-vibration, in order to avoid embarrassing situations during important meetings. (more…)