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Concept Phones Elephone NXG Series Features 3


The designer did a really nice job designing these phones. Having all that in mind, the Elephone NXG Series concept renders just surfaced. Do keep in mind that the smartphones just concept devices. All 3 concept handsets have bezel less designs and soft touch buttons.These devices are made out of anodized aluminum, and are made using a special nano injection process, according to the designer. On ...

Innovative the protective glass Gorilla Glass 5

Future technology Innovative the protective glass Gorilla Glass 5

The company Corning has announced a new generation of their "unbreakable" glass - Gorilla Glass 5. It is more durable glass screens to protect mobile devices from damage. Obviously, it is Gorilla Glass 5 will be used in the new smartphone iPhone 7, which is expected in September. Such similar protective glass used in the Apple models since their introduction in the market. However, the problem wit...

Concept Nintendo Plus smartphone

Future technology Concept Nintendo Plus smartphone

At the time, many were waiting for the release of the Nintendo gaming grade smartphone in response to the Sony Xperia Play, but expectations were not justified. Now from her no one expects nothing but some designers still dreams about the real  game mobile phone, which resulted in a concept called Nintendo Plus.Nintendo Plus Smartphone exists only in the form of three-dimensional renderings, ...

Concept PHABLET iPhone 7 Plus by Tech Configurations

Future technology Concept PHABLET iPhone 7 Plus by Tech Configurations

Here the concept the upcoming PHABLET iPhone 7 Plus. Pictured phone received  camera with dual lens and Smart Connector, both in the iPad Pro. The concept, according to the author, was created based on the latest data leaks, photos and schemes of covers manufacturers. Consequently, the plastic inserts for antenna now located on the edges of the device. At the bottom of the case is a pair of s...

Concept the square smartphone with the rotary keyboard

Future technology Concept the square smartphone with the rotary keyboard

BlackBerry company is experiencing perhaps the most difficult period in its history. Some spiteful critics have rushed to bury alive the Canadian manufacturer, although he continues to work and is even planning a small revolution. And the products BlackBerry are still interested the loyal fans of the brand, which is confirmed by the independent worthy concepts.The new concept called BlackBerry L, ...

Modular concept Mobile Puzzle Phone

Future technology Modular concept Mobile Puzzle Phone

Manufacturers of mobile devices do not provide buyers choice. All smart phones and tablet computers come with a strictly calibrated configuration. This means, that we have to choose from that offer. Independent selection of components is not advantageous for electronic unprofitable brands. Although now try to break this rule of Motorola, ZTE and Xiaomi.The given project called Puzzle Phone. We are...

Concept MWatch – "smart" watches from Meizu

Future technology Concept MWatch - smart watches from Meizu

Company Meizu is interested in producing not only the smart, but also wearable electronics. In this regard, was presented concept  "smart" Meizu Mwatch hours with their detailed description. The Meizu MWatch concept is more of a bracelet than a timepiece and it comes with a fully flexible 2.4 inch 480 x 640 pixel display, a metal bracelet and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. It has NFC, B...

Concept Modular smartphone

Future technology Concept Modular smartphone

Motorola has announced the development of the project Ara , by which the world will get the modular smartphones . Modular smartphones can give the ability to replace various components of the device by selecting the most suiting components to deliver the expected results. In other words, we will be able to collect yourself a smartphone that will have the features necessary to us as a designer . ...

World’s first smartphone with a curved display

Future technology World's first smartphone with a curved display

Samsung company did not wait for November and decided to introduce its first smartphone with a curved display today. This allowed her to bypass the nearest competitor - the company LG. By the way, this is the first smartphone in the world with this type of display , and it's called Galaxy Round. Assumptions about the functionality of a flexible display in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Round have...

Сoncept folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5

Future technology Сoncept folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung at any time can start production of flexible AMOLED-display and mobile devices with such panels. On technical and organizational level, everything is ready. Apparently, until problem in economic side of the issue. The authors of the concept Samsung Galaxy S5 assumed that all problems will be resolved in six months , when will the new flagship of the Korean brand . Concept Samsung Galaxy ...