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Concept ARVOW Smartphone

Several dual-screen smartphones have already hit the market, but we've yet to see a model with three displays, or at least a non-concept, to be revealed. This mobile has a futuristic concept in which it has 3 screens , it could be used as a normal mobile phone and could be used as a mini laptop. For heavy users , the screens on the inner part allows you to open two different tabs at the same time ...

Sharp Curved Phone Concept

Sharp has a knack for making phone displays with tiny bezels, as seen in the US a couple of years ago with the Aquos Crystal. Thus, the Sharp Curve handset makes a lot of sense, as the next Aquos Crystal phone.But this phone is made by the designer, like a renderer. The renders have been done with the aid of AutoCAD and Autodesk Maya. When seen from the front, the device looks very much like the E...

Concept Phone for Athletes

Concise and simple design of the phone of the future offered to the designer with a funny name for our latitude, Patrick Loh. Its development is designed for those who love innovation, but prefers not to spend time studying dozens of new functions and features of the device. Therefore Gigaset coeval L226 is positioned as a mobile phone for athletes, and its main feature - the ability to attach to ...