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Concept smartphone Microsoft Lumia 820

Nokia has moved into the Microsoft, and it's a real tragedy for the loyal fans of the Finnish brand. But it is not excluded,that coming changes will be for the better. Designer named Edgar Mkrtchyan decided to appease the fans Nokia, developed a very beautiful concept called Microsoft Lumia 1820.As you can see, Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphone 1820 lot borrowed from branded tablets series Surfa...

Fresh Concept Cameraphone Included

Protection, dock, dongle, and camera all in one light, sleek package. This project  can have a special attachment with a huge photo capture module. Notice the edge to edge screen approach here and the blocky look of the phone, plus those very discrete volume buttons. They may be touch volume buttons, by the way. LG already has fashionable products like the Prada Phone series, but that range o...

The original concept phone P-One

Modern mobile phones too similar to each other. The original form and function more reason not welcome. Now all compete only specifications. Concept called P-One, a mobile phone is very different from their present counterparts. The device is shaped more like an USB drive than a phone and it includes a circle in the middle of the body.On board the number P-One have built motion sensors, it support...

Concept Nokia FIT – On My Fingertips

Nokia FIT - a concept phone that can be worn on the finger. Made of soft silicone rubber, flexible, fully waterproof and phone support voice communication and SMS. You can take it with you to the pool and enjoy the fun even if you are expecting an important call. The designer has added a built-vibration, in order to avoid embarrassing situations during important meetings. (more…)