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Concept of smartphone,which to taste


The premiere of the first smartphone with built-in the molecular sensor. A model called Changhong H2 is able to distinguish between drugs, jewelry and other items against counterfeiting by studying their composition. The smartphone has a scanner-based the molecular sensor, which, in turn, operates on the basis of infrared spectroscopy techniques.So, directing a beam of light on the subject, the se...

Concept Phones Elephone NXG Series Features 3


The designer did a really nice job designing these phones. Having all that in mind, the Elephone NXG Series concept renders just surfaced. Do keep in mind that the smartphones just concept devices. All 3 concept handsets have bezel less designs and soft touch buttons.These devices are made out of anodized aluminum, and are made using a special nano injection process, according to the designer. On ...

Concept BlackBerry Phone Edition


Although BlackBerry has pretty much given up on smartphones, but can see some interesting designs from BB’s partners. Such as, the BlackBerry concept below, envisioned by Faruk Kaya.Made with Autodesk Maya, the concept phone is very slim and also very rounded. There is rounded phones, but this is certainly more curvaceous than that. It’s got a very interesting placement of the buttons, with on...

Concept Salaxy S8


As is customary,on the network appears officially unconfirmed information about the upcoming innovations in flagship smartphones Samsung, which can likely to be true. Although some kind of veil of secrecy lifted the representatives of Korean companies themselves. According to them, in the Galaxy S8 will the voice assistant with artificial intelligence. Smart Assistant can handle complex queries an...

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

The following iPhone 8 concept is a very interesting machine, because not only it goes back to the glass body, but it also integrates stereo speakers like those on the iPad Pro.This iPhone is 30% slimmer, has a new display size to fit the 16:9 resolution and it also brings forth wireless charging. There’s still a fingerprint scanner here, embedded within the Home button and we get a 4K camera wi...

Concept Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8,that may be modular

Future technology Concept Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8,that may be modular

Released this year, the smartphone LG G5 proved to be much more interesting than its main competitor in the face of Samsung Galaxy S7 because of its modular design. Samsung certainly learned that lesson, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which will be released next year, has the potential to also be modular. On this hint, and third-party designers, depicting the corresponding concepts.Were publi...

iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8.. Anyway, there are some patents related to the device that have been used by Techconfigurations as inspiration to create the concept. Design of this marvelous smartphone below.iPhone 8 that feels like a cy...

This concept iPhone 7 looks too good to be true

Future technology This concept iPhone 7 looks too good to be true

Currently unannounced smartphone iPhone 7 is the focus of many designers. Some  embody the ideas of their own, while others take as a basis by leaks and rumors. Glakson Paul,author  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 the Pro, shared with their wishes. He showed a concept of the future generation of the flagship Apple.According to the designer, the next phone should get a screen from edge to edge, tha...

Concept Meizu Edge Pro 6 and Pro 7 with a curved display

Future technology Concept Meizu Edge Pro 6 and Pro 7 with a curved display

Curved displays for smartphones, owes its popularity to the South Korean company Samsung. The displays attract interest from other mobile manufacturers. Not was exception and the Chinese company Meizu, which is working on its own smartphone with a curved screen.Already it is known that Meizu is preparing the next flagship smartphone, which will be equipped the curved screen on the sides, as in Sam...

Concept the future iPhone 7

Future technology Concept the future iPhone 7

We are dealing with real monster among other smartphones. Pictured iPhone 7 has a 4K-screen with 3D Touch and operating system iOS 10. The device is equipped with 512 GB of internal memory for storage of personal data and 6 GB. Inside it is also a ten-core processor and  on 5000 mAh battery.The main camera of a flagship has dual-lens, and the cutouts for the antenna now located on the top and...