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Phone concept by Chesky Wong


This the foldable phone concept that fits perfectly with Samsung’s vision. It’s the creation of Chesky Wong.First of all, let, that the Japanese designer isn’t upset  he sees here his concept , since it’s a personal project. Created using Photoshop, the device unfolds to triple the screen estate of the OG smartphone, becoming a tablet and if you might guess, it is a 10 inch tablet. Th...

Concept the frameless iPhone 8


Fast release of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 stirs the hearts and minds of many people, and the lack of any official information about it even more arouses interest of the world community. Today, active designers who created the concept of the apparatus, and their vision of a new phone with a bitten apple attracted attention.Authors of the project of iDropnews shared their vision iPhone 8  w...

Concept of a smartphone with artificial intelligence


At the end of last week, Huawei introduced in China the most beautiful (and expensive) smartphone in the history of the brand Honor.Curved front and back panel with sloping edges, reminiscent of a pebble, polished by sea, the rather thin and light (7.8 mm and weighs 145 grams), equipped with a 5.09-inch AMOLED-display - that's what a new experimental smartphone Honor Magic, presented by Huawei.The...

Concept or reality – Frameless Slider ZT?


Experimental Frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, which became available to the buyers, made a lot of noise, and now ZTE demonstrate the unusual frameless slider. According to preliminary data, the future novelty with the mobile panel, which opens access to the speaker and the front camera with LED-flash, not only remain a concept on paper, but will hit the market, and diversifies the composition o...

Concept BlackBerry Phone Edition


Although BlackBerry has pretty much given up on smartphones, but can see some interesting designs from BB’s partners. Such as, the BlackBerry concept below, envisioned by Faruk Kaya.Made with Autodesk Maya, the concept phone is very slim and also very rounded. There is rounded phones, but this is certainly more curvaceous than that. It’s got a very interesting placement of the buttons, with on...

Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone


There are all prerequisites to say that we are on the eve of an era of flexible displays. And it is not only those that are bent at the edges, and those,that will create flexible smartphones, bracelets or even fold them in half.The advantages of such screens are obvious: due to the possibility to roll a display, in any gadget you can set the display that is larger than the size of the device. Actu...

Concept iPod Shuffle 2016


The designer Giorgi Tedoradze decided to imagine a circular iPod Shuffle. The wheel is in the "center" of this concept, offering one of the most singular interface with its round touch screen that disappears under the ring of the wheel. And given the reports available, the interface seems more successful.This player has a compact and modern design approach, with a round format, that makes it feel ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Future technology Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Known in network the insider Evan Blass published the first press renders of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Judging by the images, the device will be available in three colors: black onyx, silver, titanium, blue coral. Earlier manufacturer Olixar accessories "Lit" protective covers and curved safety glass.You can see,that Galaxy Note 7 got USB-C connector. Furthermore, the image faceplate h...

iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8.. Anyway, there are some patents related to the device that have been used by Techconfigurations as inspiration to create the concept. Design of this marvelous smartphone below.iPhone 8 that feels like a cy...

Concept the futuristic iPhone Seems of Curved Glass

Future technology Concept the futuristic iPhone Seems of Curved Glass

Designer Mister Cool has created a futuristic iPhone concept, one that seems. This made only as a prototype and in about 5 or 6 years from now, but only as a vanity project.Apple has been more timid in its approach to curved glass so far, well unless you count their new HQ, that goes crazy with the curved glass. Apple plans to completely revise the design of the iPhone line of smartphones in 2017....