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Concept Vertical Kitchen Ecooking

Demand for compact and modular homes are going up. Ecooking - a project of the vertical kitchen, which not only saves space, but also because of the closeness of the modules saves energy. All elements of the kitchen run on solar power, and a built- small garden provides the fresh vitamins to the table. The water coming from the shell is filtered and fed into the dishwasher, and then again filtered...

Electrolux Ribbon: Mobile Food Heater/Cooler

The Ribbon is a mobile device that users can wrap/drape around their food containers to cool or heat food without having to stick it in a microwave or a fridge. One of the 8 finalists at the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab competition, the Ribbon is an innovative new food heater/cooler concept by Enzo Kocak. The device comes with two separate planes for heating and cooling functions. The flexible, shap...

Electrolux Laptop Kitchen Concept

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen uses induction cooking technology and has 4 induction rings in different sizes to save extra energy depending on what you’re cooking and the size of the pan you need. It’s portability is defined by user needs, whether is outdoor camping or home preparing delicious meals. Inspired by notebook computers, Electrolux Mobile Kitchen has futuristic design and form that allo...