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Innovative Children’s smart – thermometer the size of a button

Measuring the temperature in young children is not an easy task. Quickly and accurately to do this  promises Xiaomi with the help of its new product - a children's smart thermometer, outwardly resembling a small blue washer. The product is no larger than a button, 17 millimeters in diameter. The device is protected from moisture and water in accordance with IPX6 standard, and the sensor is ma...

Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV test

When it comes to HIV testing, a drop of blood and a USB-device - this is all, that the patient may need in the near future. Scientists at Imperial College London, together with DNA Electronics company developed a device that determines the level of HIV in the blood and generates a signal which can be read by a computer or a portable gadget. This invention can be use to monitor HIV-infected patient...

Flow Medical Gadget of the future

Electronic devices designed to serve medical imaging, are becoming more efficient and suitable for use in everyday life. Using the latest cutting-edge capabilities of nanotechnology, Gadget Flow allows you to control the proportion hazardous substances, that  a person breathes with air. The main objective of the unit is a concern for the health of people suffering from asthma or are prone t...