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Innovative portable origami lamp

Rows of smart lighting replenished very attractive portable device Orilamp. When folded, the product looks like a compact wooden box, which you can take with you wherever you go. In expanded form Orilamp turns into a cute lamp with soft light, able to create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of a mobile application and a companion Bluetooth-connection, you can adjust the intensity of lighting, set ...

Biological Concept of Future: Microbial Home by Philips

The Microbial Home project is part of the Philips Design Probes program, which explores far future lifestyle scenarios based on research in a wide range of areas. The Microbial Home Design Probe consists of a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design, it's a proposal for an integrated cyclical ecosystem where each function's output is another's input. (more…)

A Vision for our Future

FLOWLIGHT is a conceptual vision of how Waterford City and other quayside cities and towns could illuminate their quaysides in an innovative and unique way in the future. FLOWLIGHT is a renewable energy product, which sources its energy from the flow of a tidal river to create a quayside street lighting product. The River Suir has thousands of litres of water flowing up and down river, passing our...

Skip To Make Some Light

With all the energy you expend while jumping rope, imagine using some to power a handy torchlight fitted within the skipping rope handles. Torchlight in any form is a good idea, but the cool quotient in this Jump Light comes from the fact that you won’t need any batteries to power the bulb. It simply runs by converting the kinetic energy from your jumps to electric energy. Now if that isn’...