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Biological Concept of Future: Microbial Home by Philips

The Microbial Home project is part of the Philips Design Probes program, which explores far future lifestyle scenarios based on research in a wide range of areas. The Microbial Home Design Probe consists of a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design, it's a proposal for an integrated cyclical ecosystem where each function's output is another's input. (more…)

Electrolux Laptop Kitchen Concept

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen uses induction cooking technology and has 4 induction rings in different sizes to save extra energy depending on what you’re cooking and the size of the pan you need. It’s portability is defined by user needs, whether is outdoor camping or home preparing delicious meals. Inspired by notebook computers, Electrolux Mobile Kitchen has futuristic design and form that allo...

Electrolux cooking-unit – Stoov

Stoov is a cooking-unit which you can stick on to your cooking pots. The heating elements inside make it possible to heat up the whole pot. Set the temperature on to the touch screen and stoov does the rest. To power-up the stoov there is an adapter which can supply power for six stoov’s at the same time. The electromagnete makes it possible to stick it on to the sides. It can either be used und...

Kitchens of the future

Enter the high-tech, futuristic SieMatic Grid S2 multimedia cabinet, which looks to be a great addition to our kitchens of the future . The handleless multimedia cabinet boasts a graphical user interface (GUI) that brings high-end entertainment right into your kitchen. The SieMatic Grid S2 brings with it internet access, an iPod dock, DVD, TV and radio entertainment. The cabinet also works with th...