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Concept The Liberation of the Kitchen

Living spaces are shifting in design to be focused more on fluid lifestyles, so 'The Liberation of the Kitchen' project identifies how product design is also evolving to offer users a way to live better. This concept kitchen wants to give you the freedom by offering a new kitchen set model instead of fitted kitchen since cooking.The project consists of modular pieces of furniture that can be incor...

Concept C3 – a single interface for the kitchen

Here is concept of interactive touch interface for managing all kitchen appliances. It gives us a glimpse of our kitchen in the near future in 2022. You do not just preparing food, and set the personal relationship with the kitchen.  And of cooking food process will be very exciting! Although we may have a different attitude to this, is not it? (more…)

Concept Kitchen InFold

Designers create functional and quite unusual at the same time, compact kitchen, designed for small apartments. Presented at the contest Electrolux Design Lab Competition concept kitchen InFold attracted no little attention as a modern interior. The developer of the concept of modular kitchen wall is Ciprian Frunzeanu. Kitchen InFold mounted to the wall, folded kitchen does not take much space. Wh...