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Innovative amazing miniature external keyboard for smartphones

Screen keyboard, despite the increase in the sizes of displays, still can not be compared  the convenience of working with a physical counterpart. And because, huge number of people use for typing on a smartphone or tablet external devices with keys. One of the best of these devices is the keyboard Textblade - compact but functional.Textblade - this is one of the smallest external keyboards f...

Concept Tactile display

Attentive readers will remember the almost fantastic idea of Tactus with of the same product, over which worked of engineers. The idea was to create a display on which the right moment appeared to bulge for tactile sensations happening on the screen. Example, a keyboard when you print as needed retracts back. So, in company Tactus all this time the work went on as usual and the developers have alr...

Foldable Silicon Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets (YouTube)

This Norway-based one2TOUCH is providing silicon keyboards this connect with smartphones and also touchscreen tablets by simply putting a portable gadget on the top -- no pairing needed. This keyboards feature "Touch & Type" performance and also have the pad that this gadget may rest on. When it comes to one smart phone keyboard, the pad within the centre in which the cell phone sets separates...