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Innovative foldable Keyboard for mobile gadgets to iOS, Andriod and Windows

Microsoft has released a portable keyboard Universal Foldable Keyboard, focused on working with mobile devices. With a compact size (295.1x125.3x5.7mm in the unfolded state), the apparatus has full-sized keys, convenient for typing and working in general. Universal Foldable Keyboard is compatible with devices based on Android, Windows, as well as the iPad and iPhone. Synchronization takes place vi...

Pocket Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Tablets and smartphones very many have replaced the personal computers in their classic version with keyboard, mouse, monitor and the system unit. Mobile devices are becoming more comfortable, functional and productive. But to give up entirely the some accessories such as a keyboard is still not yet possible, as quickly gain business documents on the touch screen is not as convenient.A new gadget ...

TouchFire: silicone screen-top keyboard for iPad

Along with Seattle product designer and mechanical engineer Brad Melmon, Steve Isaac has designed a transparent, flexible faux keyboard that lays on top of the iPad's virtual keyboard to give users the familiar feel of notebook-like raised keys. Made from transparent silicone, the TouchFire keyboard is placed flat on the iPad's screen and lines up with the tablet's virtual keyboard in landscape mo...