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Delightful concept Apple iWatch

If you are lucky, in less than a month, Apple will introduce the debut of smart watch iWatch. Designers demonstrate a riot of imagination and constantly developing concepts of this toy. The next creation the Apple-style was concept iWatch. This concept was presented Italian artists of studio Ciccarese Design. Team of Italian professionals and IT engineers including designer Federico Ciccarese ha...

Innovative concept The wearable Air Purifier

When you’re walking around in the real world, one thing you’ll never come across is an air purifier. This means things in the air, such as exhaust fumes, smog and stinky perfume can enter your body and cause all sorts of havoc. The Hand Tree is a concept,which combines wearable technology, such as a bracelet, with an air purifier. This gadget is your personal air purifier that you can litera...

Concept of a thin metallic Apple iPhone 6

Here submitted the concept of the iPhone 6, which has a slim metal body and light weight. You can choose from several color options: green, blue, black, brown, blue and white. The device has a 4.5 inch display that stretched across the width of the front panel, so rim around it very thin. The interface is designed by coloring the body. Logo "apple" on the back side of the case is now ON ...

Concept of extension

The concept of extension cords each time becoming more and more interesting. This project called "Tab Flex" is equipped by sliding sockets, but if you think that this is not enough, then any plug can be rotated to provide a little extra space. (more…)

Concept Clip-Air – project the modular public transport

At the Polytechnic University of Lausanne, Switzerland working on the original project, combining ground and air transportation. The idea is to use modules as train cars and aircraft fuselage. Connection of elements does not take much time.  Very extraordinary idea! (more…)

Concept Electric Motorbike Nivach

Concept the Electric Motorbike Nivach developed designers Oleg ZABELIN and Pavel Shevchenko. Before a boys were challenged to create an eco-friendly transport with replaceable batteries. Thus, the designers decided to combine the batteries in separate blocks,so that they can be changed in a matter of seconds. Simply put, the owner of the Electric Motorbike quickly can change the batteries, thereby...

Concept of a modest E-Ink-Smartphone Booklet

The weakest point of today's smartphones are, of course, the batteries, the average mobile phone runs on a single charge for about a day, and neither the major manufacturer so far has not found a way to significantly increase the time. On the other hand, not only battery case, the main consumers are the displays. Designer Fabrice Dube introduced concept of a smartphone Booklet. The device is dif...

Concept Talking Shoe smart-sneaker

Google is widely known for its experimentation in technology. Together with artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo were created smart sneaker that can talk back and can connect the wearer’s activity to the web, if the wearer chooses to. This advertising project that combines fashion with technology, which could well be the gateway for intelligent clothing to assist secret agents. Featuring an acce...

Another concept Google Glass

Points Google Glass, which are developed in the laboratories of Google X, still seem to be a guest of the sci-fi movies. The company has demonstrated a working prototype of the device, but in its existence would not believe it. Meanwhile, engineers Google continue to work on the project, improving a functionality and making it fantastic. One of the features of Google Glass is the ability to use...

SurfX – Media Table Concept

Media table for different actions. Via Behance Network Computer of the future Future phones 2020 Fingerprint scanner Solar powered streetlights