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3D-press of metal: technology of the future

Future technology 3D-press of metal-technology of the future

At that time, as many designers and engineers are actively using the 3D-press of plastic and polymeric materials, production of parts and metal parts using the same technology in recent years has gained a lot of popularity and repeatedly shows a very impressive result.In fact, 3D-press of metal - this is a simplified term for production processes based on metallic impurities. Unlike traditional me...

Curved 34-inch Samsung CF791 supports FreeSync technology

Future technology Curved 34-inch Samsung CF791 supports FreeSync technology

In range of Samsung company soon will another curved monitor - CF791. When exactly will premiere of new items, not reported, but the source already offers familiar with its characteristics.Samsung CF791 - an interesting display for several reasons. We must start with the fact that the maximum refresh rate is 100 Hz. Along with support for AMD FreeSync technology that should provide smooth and clea...

Innovative ULed Flashlight with the brightness of 8000

Future technology Innovative ULed Flashlight with the brightness of 8000

Many are probably faced with a problem, when the conventional flashlight is not enough light to illuminate the area at night. Solve this problem will help the new LED flashlight ULed, which developers called the most powerful in its class. Brightness news reaches 8000 lumens, which is enough to almost turn night into day. At the same time the possibility of a flashlight ULed not limited. Thanks to...

Concept future:The unmanned fighter-bomber – a quick and deadly

Future technology Concept future The unmanned fighter-bomber a quick and deadly

The US Air Force has entered into a $ 40 million contract with defense company for develop the first autonomous fighter-bomber, the first drone,which displays the drone war a new level.The company, which is developing a new technology called Kratos Defense. The contract stated,that the future the drone must be able to maneuver at extremely low altitude, to carry out high-altitude cruising flight, ...

Concept future: Life after death

Future technology Concept future Life after death

Of course, it is not about cloning bodies, but rather the creation of a virtual digital identity, based on the written data package left after,who deceased. And yes, in principle, so, can enliven all, and it turns out that the digital life after death depends on how active you are now on the Internet.The concept is called "augmented eternity", and she has a whole movement, which aims with the help...

Innovative Bike

Future technology Innovative Bike

Nowadays everything evolves, even the most seemingly,the usual things. A group of enthusiastic engineers, ignoring the opinion that "it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel", has created a futuristic model,that to accelerate to maximum speed literally for three seconds.Italians are known worldwide for its pasta and bullfights, and now declared themselves as creators and innovative bicycle. Devel...

Innovative Candles of the new generation

Future technology Innovative Candles of the new generation

Once upon a time the candles were the main and indispensable companion of the night life of our ancestors. In their the dim light can reading, write poetry, do a declaration of love. Today, the once invaluable helpers of wax used, rather, to create a romantic atmosphere, or in the case of a power outage. But modern designers have decided to combine the past and present of candles feature. And fina...

Innovative gaming tablet-based Tegra K1

Future technology Innovative gaming tablet-based Tegra K1

JXD going to challenge gaming "pill» NVIDIA Shield. Reportedly,that preparing to release a 7-inch tablet Singularity S192. This is a real gift for gamers.First of all, novelty from JXD - not just a gaming tablet. This truly portable console  with physical controls, which we used to see at the famous console gamepads. They are very comfortable and include numeric keys, triggers, "spider", ana...

Concept Smart basketball

Future technology Concept Smart basketball

Company Wilson, produces high-quality sports equipment, has introduced the  smart basketball Wilson X Connected Basketball. Built-in sensor captures every ball throw, distinguishes two point and three-point hitting, throwing from the foul line and misses. In addition, the sensor is equipped with an accelerometer and Bluetooth-module, transmitting the data to a companion app installed on the i...

Innovative gadget that allows you to draw the rays of sun

Future technology Innovative gadget that allows you to draw the rays of sun

Italian designers from Milan created a wood engraver, which allows you to write and draw the rays of sun on wood, leather, plywood and other materials. A simple tool through the lens focuses the ray of sunshine to the selected object, burning it on a predetermined pattern by the author.Febo - a wooden brush, which can be used to engrave their drawings on different surfaces. Gadget name - from the ...