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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

E-Coil (Electronic mosquito coil) uses ultrasound and light to scare away the mosquitoes. Traditional coil besides the burning can exude an unpleasant odor, which is not only annoying adults, but can be harmful to children. LED light operates, as circles burning up, showing, how much charge is left in the battery. (more…)

Innovative Pen Printer Concept

Once upon a time computers were very large and takes a couple of floors of the building. Computer today can considered even a smartphone , it fits in your pocket and significantly outperforms the computers of the mid last century. Why something like this not happens in the world of office equipment? Almost everyone in the workplace or at home there has a few pens, that are lying around for years...

Concept Bucket on solar energy

If you love the outdoors, then you know that the problem of warm water takes a long time. At first glance it is a simple bucket, but if you see him turn over a number of solar panels that collect energy from the sun during the day. This bucket works as a multi-functional tool. The stored energy can be used for charging the built-in lamp or for heat water.  A genius idea! (more…)

Innovative Mirror for movie star

Maybe someone will say that it is too glamorous, but you can take a look at this project from a different point of view. Tell me, mirror - a mirror, which is equipped with motion sensors and LEDs. Every time you go up to the mirror, the sensors are doing their job and the LEDs light up. This will not only provide additional illumination, but also the opportunity to feel like a movie star. (more&h...

Innovative cup with a temperature sensor

Agree that it's very frustrating when in a hurry grab a glass, hoping that there is a cool drink, and then scalding a lips, tongue - in short, the entire oral cavity. Not only did it hurt, so more and unexpectedly. Or vice versa - if you want to drink lukewarm, and reduces a teeth from the icy beverage. In both cases, it is quite unpleasant. But there is a way out. Thanks to cutting-edge technol...

Concept refrigerator without doors

So, it happened. Student of Massey University created the concept refrigerator, which simply do not have doors. Moreover, in those places of the refrigerator, where there is no food, there is no cooling. This is reasonable, energy efficient and worthy prize International Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award. Instead of the classic box with a door, refrigerator consists of unique hexagonal honeycomb....

Virtual Keyboard in the housing fob

Typing on a touch screen 7-inch tablet is not very convenient, so size virtual keyboard is very modest. Carrying a keyboard, even a relatively compact and wireless, is also very uncomfortable. Such keyboard can  worn as a pendant, along with the keys. Of course, the keyboard-fob may not have a complete set of mechanical buttons, so here uses an interactive laser projection. Image of classic...

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept

Unlike many traditional printers on the market, the robotic Aves printer will entertain and engage the user time and again. Aves transforms itself to life when it's time to print, creating a unique and novel experience. Aves printer is a refreshing deviation from conventional inkjet printers. Via Behance Computer technology future Future computers Future technology devices Future techno...

By The Power Of Rings!

The RIMA lamp is an awesome beauty that has what it takes to be artistic and fun. Four controller rings manage the whole show…sliding them left to right or vice versa illuminates the LEDs or switches them off. The heat, intensity, angle of the beam and color are controlled via these rings, however a processor, which detects the position of each single ring, regulates the actions. (more&h...

Technologies for energy-use reduction in the home

Full-service product development consultancy Carbon and design consultancy Artefact unveiled Impact - a suite of four concepts designed to motivate energy-efficient behavior in the home. (more…)