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Innovative wallpaper – TV


Televisions are evolving at an incredible rate. A couple of years ago, engineers first started talking about the possibility to create by bendable screens. Now, however, representatives of LG decided to indulge a TV with  screen slightly thicker paper.A long time ago TV were bulky, black and white, but also to view them needed a special lens! Over time, they become more compact, and then anot...

Concept the new "family" refrigerator


In the XXI century enters into a person's home more quite incredible, and even futuristic technology. On many of them for another ten years ago people could only dream of. Today, they are a reality. One of these "technologies" became the latest refrigerator from Samsung.We all live in very interesting times. Today, technology is developing as never before dynamically. Living proof of this are thin...

Innovative smart basket for a hike in the store


Panasonic has worked hard to create the unique design,without which it will not do any one trip to the supermarket. Clever shopping cart that can not only calculate the cost of all purchases, but also pack a purchase, will be presented to the public no earlier than 2018.Such developments are a real treasure, both for retailers and for consumers, because it will allow to save the time. As long as a...

The best concepts of space habitat systems

Future technology The best concepts of space habitat systems

NASA's, making plans to commit in the near future flight of astronauts to the other objects in the solar system, announced a competition for the creation of a space station capable of supporting human life in more or less comfortable conditions for a long time. The program NextSTEP-2 has selected six promising in the opinion of specialists NASA space concepts dwellings provided by private companie...

PhytlSigns – an innovative device for plants

Future technology PhytlSigns - an innovative device for plants

Humans can not do without communication. Without contact with each other, we simply are not able to function normally, whether verbal or the sign language dialogue. And what about nature? There are many examples of how animals communicate with each other, but what happens to the plants? We do not own supernormal abilities,that can allow us to talk to the plants, but thanks to technology, we can no...

Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

Future technology Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

The network already pop the concept of MacBook Pro with OLED-panel instead of hot keys. But what if Apple decides to go the other way? Designers presented their vision of the situation.The German edition published the interesting render Curved Magic Keyboard, a new generation of Apple keyboard. They based on rumors about the future generation of notebooks and suggested that the company may introdu...

Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Future technology Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Caviar can eat by the large spoons not only riches. After all invented a device that will allow the caviar to cook at home in the literal sense. And it is not fabulous money. Now even the proud members of the middle class can afford to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner caviar, without getting into the merciless loans. Prepare exquisite delicacy can be right at home. Moreover, for this does not even ...

Concept Robot with a woman’s face

Future technology Concept Robot with a woman's face

The other day the US company Hanson Robotics showed of robot named Sofia with a woman's face. The skin on the face and neck are made of an elastic synthetic material Frubber, simulating the skin. Hidden under the skin the miniature motors are responsible for facial expressions of the robot. With built-in eye cameras and software Character Engine AI robot remembers the interlocutor, recognizes it a...

Concept of the aircraft of the future

Future technology Concept of the aircraft of the future

Aircraft Concern Boeing presented the concept of the aircraft, which is equipped  many modern screens. First of all the company proposes to use the ceiling space. Syndicate this image on it is offered in two ways - with installing huge flexible displays or using projectors.During the flight, at ceiling can be demonstrated the flight information, photos and videos about the place of arrival, f...

The concept of ultra-thin iPhone 7

Future technology The concept of ultra-thin iPhone 7

Here presented the concept of the future flagship of Apple's with ultra-thin body,a front panel is covered the protecting glass. Interestingly, the top and bottom of the housing design remind Features of the old iPhone. Pictured iPhone 7 has a virtual button the "Home" instead of a physical one.According to the authors, the body, as well the protecting glass this smartphone is very strong. They do...