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Concept of the wireless foldable keyboard

In the portable keyboards for tablets is no shortage. However, most of these devices is hardly original. Therefore, LG engineers have come up the innovative solutions. Wireless gadget called Rolly Keyboard. The main feature - a novelty easily folded. Just transformed into the compact slim bar. Thus, the invention does not occupy much space. Fits in any folder or handbag.Accessories made of solid p...

Concept of keyboard DisplayCover

Microsoft has unveiled of public a prototype the keyboard DisplayCover with the touch E-Ink display above the buttons. This keyboard for tablets, which would be a notebook, but can not because of the absence of the module in the package. Novelty endowed with a large screen on the basis of electronic ink, which significantly extends the capabilities of mobile PCs and contribute to low power consump...

Concept Nokia Swan new-generation

The last concept came from a man named Dani Vinh. Swan is phablet Nokia device. 42 megapixel camera, up to 128 GB of storage and a 4-core processor probably an Intel. A cool aluminum frame with disco rim lights make this device stand out of the crowd. Many would love to see some bold new Nokia devices and the Nokia Swan would certainly fit the bill and certainly brings something new to the table.&...